Moderator Badge Horseland Moderators
This badge icon Moderator Badge indicates that a player is an official Horseland Moderator.

In order to keep Horseland safe for all ages we have added Moderators to the site. These players have the ability to kick players out of the game temporarily and to ban players from the game for one year.

The following offenses are grounds for a player being kicked off or banned from Horseland.

1. Swearing or foul language. (Heck and Dang would not be considered foul language. Acronyms representing foul language are not permitted.)
2. Any sort of sexual or cyber talk. (If a player says "Anyone want to chat" this is not considered cybering.)
3. Harassment of other players.
4. Inappropriate talk. (drugs, violence, etc.)
5. Asking for login and password information.
6. Asking for cheats, scripts, or hacking information.
7. Slander against other players.
8. Impersonating Horseland staff
9. Linking to inappropriate sites or scam pages.
10. Gross or graphic horse slaughter language
11. Buying or selling Accounts and/or Upgrades

Any player impersonating a Moderator will be banned from

Thank you for helping to keep Horseland a fun and safe place for everyone.