Play a free and fun game
In Horseland you can own, breed and show your very own horses. It is easy to learn, but you can play it for years.

Meet new people
Horseland is about horses and dogs, but it is also about meeting people. There is always something new when you play with thousands of people from all over the world.

Two Games
Horseland's Junior game is perfect for kids under age 13. It features characters from the Horseland cartoon series on KEWLopolis on CBS television. It is very easy to learn. Horseland World is perfect for people 13 years old and up. It is has more realism and you can create any type of horse or dog. New players can sign up for either game.

Horseland on TV!
Watch the Horseland cartoon weekend mornings on TV. It's now in it's second season! The cartoon airs on KEWLopolis on CBS television (originally KOL Secret Slumber PartyTM). Click Here for showtimes.


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