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I just wanted to pop on here and sayy... Ice is amazing and everyone needs to go adore her amazing pointers because Ice is being super productive while Erin is off studying for finals and stuff. xD Love you Ice! Also, check messages, not sure how you want to handle that stuff? -Icera


300k Training contest??
Sound like FUN?! Go read the bottom of the right scroll for details/ entry info! :)


-I'm in a contest hosting mood. Soo, I've decided we ought to host a 100k+ dog training contest.It'll start November 17th and end December 1st (also for you all that aren't aware, my spinger line shall be a year old then, celebrate! xD). I also have a bit of a catch for you all; you must enter your contest dog in shows made only by you! Maybe that'll help fix the lack of shows. ;)


-Layout is all filled out. finally. I still need to go through the membership lists, I've removed all inactive breeds/players from the actual specific breed lists. I need to go through the friend's list and the gold/silver/bronze lists. I also need players not listed to message me, I did not add breeds and players. Oh, and I love this layout.Everyone should go tell Pix how amazing she is and that she needs to accept her prize. :) (by the way, the way the date is formatted confuses so much. I'm probably the only one confused by it... I have talent, hehe.)


- Ice. I just had an idea! How about a 300k training contest and a 150k(maybe more maybe less) Layout contest? Also going to attempt to update that doggie breeder list, I think it's a tad outdated.Get back to me on that!


- Thinking about holding another Training Contest. :) I want to have even BETTER prizes this time!! :) And hopefully even more entrants! :) Stay tuned for the upcoming contest! :)


- Wooo. I updated what everyone asked me to [i think]. Accidentally absentmindley accepted some not qualifying players. So I removed them. Whoops. I'll see if I can do anything else tomorrow, too. So adios for now guys! -Icera


- Oh look I'm updating like the good co-president i am xD Anywho, Adagio's points are crazy. In a good way, of course! Anyway, guys, I really do like the competition we're getting here! Maybe you guys could start some serious lines! -Icera


- It's official, Atrocity is some sort of witch.. xD
I let her join the contest a few days into it, I think like 4 days in, and she just came out of no where and gained 100k points in like 9 days!
She's beating Pix by only 575 points!
Some sort of witchery for sure!
And I know, the leader board says Pix, and she unfortunately doesn't want the prize for the spot she obtains, xD So whoever is in 3rd(Valor) will be second, and whoever is currently in 4th, will be third, and whoever is in 5th will be 4th, ect, ect. :D
This contest has for sure been fun! :D And has made a bunch more high pointed pooches out there! :D -Ice


- Ugh! So many awesome entries in this contest! I might just have to up the prize money and placing amounts! :D
PixXy told me she didn't want the prize money(since she donated 100k when I started it anyways, kinda defeats the purpose I guess? xD) SO! Don't be intimidated by her totally winning the race right now! :D
Keep it up! :) The prizes will be well worth the work! :D -Ice


- I love the new new layout xD I went to update the member list, and then I noticed you already had. I'm so smart, haha. I love the way our contest is going! Get your entries in guys! -Icera


- $100,000+ coin Dog Training Contest ( idea by Icera, xD fixing to start! Get your entrants in!! :D -Ice


- Icera has updated everythingg. Well, mostly. I'll check again tomorrow/later on this week, because I'm sure I have forgotten something somewhere in there. Oh and by the way guys, I'm helping run the club now.I'll get around to the rest I haven't touched yet when I have time. -Icera


- HERE I AM! See? I do exist. Bahahhaha. Saw the update on my buddy list today, and went OH YEAH, DOG CLUB. [random chortling]. Okay so got a couple messages from players, I should be updating those in momeeeeentssss. - grati


I suck at running a club! :P BUT then again, so does gratify. HOPEFULLY I'll be more active on here, and if you aren't on the breeders or members list, PLEASE message the club with what you breed and what points they've gotten to :) Thank you, and sorry we suck! :D


Due to some pretty freakin awesome people here on HL, I'm going to GIVE AWAY FREE starter dogs! Just message the club and tell us what kind of dog you want, they are FREE. They will be entered in 500-600 classes (depending on how much time we have) and hopefully give it a pic! But I'm going to want to hear what you plan to do with these starter dogs, either to add to the breed you already currently have, OR to start a new dog line. I want you to PROMISE me the dog(s) will be continued with their training. Not just die at 16 with the 14-16k points we put on it. This is almost a 2,000 coin value! SO! Take advantage! We'll take 10 spots at this time, but please! message me with your plans and promises! :) TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AWESOME OFFER!


- Sooooo Faelwen officially demolished the training contest, she has won first, second and third place, and been messaged about her win. CONGRATS FAE. Keep an eye, we will be starting the show contest up again right away as well! Great job training everybody, keep it going and let's get our dogs noticed!! - grati


- Training contest ENDS TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT! :D YAY! So the winner will be announce the 31st and please, please have a money horse/dog ready for the transfer. :) lol.
I'm excited to see who's gained the most points :


- Everyone seems to be doing VERY well in the dog training contest! :) I'm excited to find out who wins! :) Possibly all three prizes! :) And we had another donator. :) I love all the DOG members! :) -ice.


- Hopped on to do some updating, since poor Ice is basically doing everything by herself. xD LOVE YOU ICE - grati

About DOG::

Dog Owner's Guide.

Here at the Dog Owners Guide, (D.O.G) we aim to better educate the dog owners and breeders of Horseland. And hopefully get more dog shows created. Myself(ice) and my partner,(gratify) and DOG's other president, (icera) want you; the dog owner, to become better breeders and trainers. We know training is expensive and that's why we'll hold weekly contests and raffles and give-aways to help you afford to make your pups shine!

About Ice::


I'm player 2200433, Ice Stables. I live in Oklahoma, I've been playing for nearly 7 years now. I breed my prize possesions; German Shorthaired Pointers :) I'm very excited to see where this club goes and how popular it gets!

About Icera::


Ohai. I'm Icera. Will answer to Erin or whatever you wanna call me. I've been playing HL for 4 years now. I live in Tennessee, USA.I often can be seen with excessive amounts of Doggie Pixels.[with points obviously, hehe] My English Springer Spaniel line is my baby. I also have a tendency to give out dogs to people who want them. Hence the heaps of dogs on my main. :)

About Gratify:

sub header

Oooookay, gratify here! I also respond to grati. I've been on hl for probably about seeeeven years? Around there. I basically have a puppy mill. But a well trained puppy mill you would be proud to call your home. I have my gorgeous, wonderful, FANTASTIC golden retrievers. They are my private line, no touchy.. o.o If you're looking to start dogs, let me know, I randomly give away free puppies.

Joining Dog::

read this.

Very simple requirements, but please read them and don't just send a SBR, :) Thank you.
1 :: Own at least ONE female and ONE male of the same breed of dogs.
2 :: Don't have a crazy name I can even read let alone pronounce, it gets aggravating when I want to decline you just based off your name :)
3 :: Plan to train your dogs, you don't need 100,000 points on your dogs to be in, but it'd be nice if you try harder than 50 shows a week? :)
4 :: Not a requirement, but it'd be nice, put our NEW club card on your page :
5 :: Also, please make sure your page is presentable, at the very least.

Membership Labels::

the levels.

We will have a spot on the page where you can find your local breeder of your favorite breed! And a spot that has our members set up as *NEW*Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. :) You dont have to be a Gold member or a Silver or Bronze to enter the awesome contest we hold here, remember this club is about making dog shows and becoming a better trainer and breeder!

*NEW*Platinum members will be owners that train their dogs to outstanding goals! Going above and beyond! They have current dogs, or have HAD a dog with over 500k points that they have trained!

Gold members will be the owners that train their dogs to the best of their ability, they have current dogs or have HAD a dog with over 200k points that they have trained.

Silver members will be the owners that train their dogs to decent points, they have current dogs or have HAD a dog with over 100k points that they have trained.

Bronze member will be the owners that train their dogs to little or no points, but every bit counts! They have current dogs or have HAD a dog with 0-50k points that they have trained.

Supporting DOG

with cards. :)

(a href= src="")(/a)

Breeder D.O.G Cards:

Airedale Terrier:

(a href= src="")(/a)

Black Lab:

(a href= src="")(/a)

Border Collie:

(a href= src="")(/a)

Catahoula Heeler:

(a href= src="")(/a)


(a href= src="")(/a)

English Springer Spaniel:

(a href= src="")(/a)

Golden Retriever:

(a href= src="")(/a)


(a href= src="")(/a)

Irish Setter:

(a href= src="")(/a)


(a href= src="")(/a)


(a href= src="")(/a)

Yellow Lab:

(a href= src="")(/a)


(a href= src="")(/a)

Put It On Your Page:
Replace the ( )'s with greater than less than :)
(a href= src="")(/a)

(a href= src="")(/a)

About Our Advertisements::

Where you get heard.

Here is where we will advertise anything you're wanting other members/ the public to know you are offering. We will not advertise graphics or votes or anything other than dogs for sale, stud dogs, or puppies for sale or wanting a certain puppy. Only dog related advertisements will be here :) Message us with your advertisements! :)

Player NameAdvertisement
Player NameAdvertisement
Player NameAdvertisement

Your Local Breeders::

and their breeds of choice.

Airedale Terriers:

Alaskan Malamutes:

American Pit Bulls:

Australian Cattle Dogs:

Border Collies:
carolina s.weet tea





English Springer Spaniels:

German Shorthaired Pointers:
Ice Stables

German Shepherds:
carolina s.weet tea
Ice Stables

Golden Retrievers:

Great Danes:

Irish Setters:

Irish Terriers:

Irish Wolfhounds:

Italian Greyhounds:

Labrador Retrievers:

carolina s.weet tea

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers:
Shady Hills

Pembroke Welsh Corgis:

Saint Bernards:

Siberian Huskies:

South African Boerboel:

Yorkshire Terriers:

DOG's Members::

Best of the Best

Platinum Members:
Ice Stables
carolina s.weet tea

Gold Members:
Ellipse Studios

Silver Members:
Acura Designs
Lone Lykos
F . r i c t i o n

Bronze Members:
Shady Hills


We need all the help we can get!

:: Faelwen with 203,000 coins!
:: Disillusion with 15,000 coins!
:: loneLykos with 3,000 coins!
:: Faelwen with 7,000 coins!
:: PixXy with 100,000 coins!
:: ☮Lisa with 2,000 coins!
:: XANAS with 10,000 coins!


Starts 11.30.12 // Ends 12.15.12

300k Training Contest
Yes, you heard right! Good 'ole Icera said she wanted to have a training contest, so a training contest we shall have!! :D Because I am Ice and I grant peoples' wishes all day, everyday.. I'm making it be awesome! :D
Yes you may enter more than one dog but please only enter if you plan to TRAIN
Now for some rules because everyone loves those

1. Must be less than 14 years old.
::: (the contest is 2 weeks long so I want you to get your full 2 weeks of training in c: )
2. First place winner will have to have gained AT LEAST 60k. And second place winner must reach at LEAST 40k.
3. You must gain at least 10k a week.
::: (last time I held a training contest, there were MULTIPLE entrants that only earned 7k over the whole thing.
4. You must train the dog yourself, or if you send away.. who ever clicks the green button for you will get all your MONAY.
5. Icera had mentioned only entering dog shows YOU yoruself have created... I like that idea. :)

Your favorite part, eh!?
1st Place: 160,000 HL coins
2nd Place: 75,000 HL coins
3rd Place: 35,000 HL coins
4th Place: 25,000 HL coins
Just for entering: 5,000 coins.


with Roger
Starting with [036.826] pts
Current Points: [078.549] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [041.723]

with Caliber
Starting with [032.143] pts
Current Points: [066.520] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [034.377]

with Penelope
Starting with [254.867] pts
Current Points: [303.992] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [049.125]
and Pete
Starting with [269.331] pts
Current Points: [296.208] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [026.877]

with dog #1
Starting with [015.719] pts
Current Points: [123.699] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [107.980]
and dog #2
Starting with [015.660] pts
Current Points: [103.715] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [088.055]

with Dionysus
Starting with [068.831] pts
Current Points: [125.768] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [056.937]
and Demeter
Starting with [065.560] pts
Current Points: [121.741] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [056.181]

with Rudo
Starting with [299.041] pts
Current Points: [373.445] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [074.404]

with Hawke
Starting with [018.043] pts
Current Points: [018.043] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [000.000]

with Motif
Starting with [392.091] pts
Current Points: [469.395] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [077.304]

with Cooper
Starting with [009.478] pts
Current Points: [064.484] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [055.006]

with Lieb
Starting with [052.150] pts
Current Points: [139.684] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [087.534]
and Lex
Starting with [051.934] pts
Current Points: [127.088] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [075.154]

with Snoopers
Starting with [022.054] pts
Current Points: [041.476] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [019.422]

with Apollo
Starting with [000.000] pts
Ending with [007.511] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [007.511]

Daisy Bell
with Last Drop
Starting with [105.665] pts
Current Points: [111.844] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [006.179]
and Give A Hint
Starting with [109.652] pts
Current Points: [118.104] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [008.452]

with Beltane
Starting with [390.000] pts
Current Points: [441.677] pts
Total Points Gained so far: [051.677]

Player Points: 116497
Coins: 209,135
Stable: DOG

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 173

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