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The Person behind Aramac:

Hi, I Sam (Samantha), an adult and Aussie. I have been riding all my life and have had many horses different horses. I now have Madonna. She is a 4 year old warmblood that I bought green broken and I am training myself. Here are some pictures of us at her first outings. X X XX

The Aramac Hanoverians:

I have two lines of Hanoverian. I like my Cool line my favourite, they have the most points and of course great pics. My lines are private. Thanks to all those players who wanted to lease/stud to my horses, but sorry no. I'm very proud of my 'Cool' line, which started with:

Mr Cool ~ 201,333 points;
Ever So Cool ~ 216,672 points;
Cool Pizzazz ~ 268,789 points;
Cool Chaos ~ 739,480 points,
Cool as Hel ~ 7,000,450 points,

Cool Casanova ~ 3,161,916 points,
Cool Jewel ~ 1,546,568 points,
Wickedly Cool ~ 55,555,615 points,
Call me Cool ~ 3,001,880 points
Pure Cool ~ 1,181,098
Cool Miss ~ 2,250,567
Lookin'Cool 1,510,457 points
Pretty Cool 1,513,807 points
Cool Kid 1.500.958 points
Cause I'm Cool 1.525.433 points
Insanely Cool 1,528,514 points
and the lastest addition is: Just Plain Cool 51,189 points and what's all that say about me, yeppers I'm crazzzy! Mawhahaha


50 instants for 5k coins...Exclusive 7500 coins.
100 votes for 10k....Exclusive 15k.
Yes I do want to be paid before voting and yes your votes will done within 48hrs.
And yes, I will send you the vote numbers at no extra charge.
November 2012: 100 Exclusive votes for Ice & Aeval in Sporting, done, 136 to 237.

Dressage Rider's Anthem

Oh, Lord won't you buy me a horsey that bends My friends all ride warmbloods, I must make amends, I practice my leg yields, each evening til ten. So, oh Lord won't you buy me, a horsey that bends.

Oh, Lord won't you buy me, a horse that won't buck. Im tired of trying, to land standing up. I spend all my time, brushing dirt off my butt. Oh, Lord won't you buy me a horse that won't buck.

Oh Lord, won't you buy me, a horse that won't bite. I count all my fingers and toes every night. I feel like a carrot, when I'm in his sight. So, oh Lord won't you buy me a horse that won't bite.

Oh Lord won't you buy me a horse that stays clean. I brush him, I groom him, I've considered chlorine. His color's too chestnut for a horse with gray genes. Oh Lord won't you buy me a horse that stays clean.

Oh Lord, won't you give him some hindquarter drive. This horse is soooo lazy, not sure he's alive. We bend and we circle 'til way, way past five. Oh Lord won't you give him some hindquarter drive!

Player Points: 97089876

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 5490

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Lynelle! Starting Arabs again.  Anyone want a thanksgiving training project? 9 hours ago
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.:||CountryGal||:. ~Wrangler W  *ON* DONT MISS OUT ON ENTERING MY RAFFLE total 269K PRIZE POOL!!! 1 days ago
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Aramac » and her Hanoveri  So many wonderful suggestions and comments in the Dear HL Staff discussion 3 days ago
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Owned by Aramac » has a new main » #2733

15166479 (15166479) - Dutch Warmblood - Stallion * FOR SALE * * CURRENTLY RIDING * BOARDER (Days paid: -11 day(s) ) (Horse not fed for 11 day(s) )

Owned by Aramac » has a new main » #2733
No dogs

Last show was set up on 10/26/2014
Horse ShowsStyleStatusStart DateOpen UntilEnter
Rows of Gates & 2 Bonus Jumps (#934681) Jumping Open 11/19/2014 11/24/2014 Enter Show
Fun, easy and some points (#846349) Jumping Closed 11/7/2014 11/12/2014 Closed
Alive and Kicking, Thanks Pedin!! (#934093) Jumping Closed 11/7/2014 11/12/2014 Closed

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