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Live streams I am currently watching: Polar bear migration ll Puffin burrow

CHECK PREMADE here. If you are interested in it, drop me a message:)


Oh boy! No updates in almost a year...
I am really excited for a few evens that are going to happen soon:) I bet you all saw the new club on the horse clubs page. You should all send a friend request so you'll know the minute anything happens;) I won't tell anything just yet, but trust me, it's going to be awesome!
Let me update you on my thesis. After a year or retesting the data my mentor finally gave me a heads up and I submitted the final file to him for review. After that it needs to go to my other mentor and then the committee members:) Then I only have to defend it. Hopefully it is all done soon.

I promised myself that once my thesis is done I can treat myself with a kindle:) I have been wanting to get one for a few years now! (so if anyone wants to send amazon gift cards, go ahead lol). I am so excited about it, you guys have no idea. I really miss reading (before I'd read at least a book a week, now I'm lucky if I read a few books in a year :( ).


Second update in the same month! I must be on a roll :)

For those of you following the progress of my master thesis (or rather the lack of progress), I am slowly starting to move again. I still haven't touched the results or discussion, but at least I'm working on introduction and methods:) I guess progress is still progress, no matter how small. I am happy to report I now have 30 pages of text (or 8,750 words as Word is telling me).

Other news: I am getting another tank on Thursday. Really excited about it too, since that means I'll be starting my triops again:) YAY CRABS! I'm already planning what plants I'll add to it (and possibly a few snails).

I also have a feeling I am being stalked by irish setters. I am seing cute pups everywhere. Which doesn't help my obsession (or my wish to own one).

Ohhh almost forgot. I am starting swimming again next week:) Gonna buy a season pass which means I'll be spending every day in the pool (hopefully for more than an hour daily). Freestyle, here I come! I also must not forget to buy myself a new cap.


Growing up is not pretty guys. I remember when in highschool I used to dream how things will be great when I grow up. Well now I have grown up (at least in years, since my height stopped increasing in early years of highschool) and I wish I was a kid again. Things certainly are much simpler when you are a kid. All you need to worry about are your grades or if a cranberry chocolate still counts as part of your fruit intake for the day (it should!). I miss that.
I now have to face with the harsh reality of finding a job (a difficult thing in this economy) and still being stubborn (or picky) enough, to want to work in the field of study of my choosing. I guess I am due for a rude awakening soon.
I still need to finish my master thesis (which I hope to do by the end of this year) but after that its goodbye carefree student days and hello bills.
BUT if any of you guys know of a conservation genetics laboratory searching for lab workers or with open phD positions, let me know:)


Long time no see, eh?
Figured it's about time for an update... So a lot has happened since last update (more than a year ago! *bad Fael*). I spent four months in Portugal, learning and getting experience in a big genetic laboratory. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Not only did I get to learn new cool stuff, I also got to enjoy living alone! (and let me tell you, it was awesome!)
When in Portugal, I also got the chance to swim again. Its been almost 10 years since I swam last (used to train, in fact I swam for more than 10 years, then I quit-something that I still regret today). Anyhow, while I was in Portugal, I managed to swim each day for an hour or two. It reminded me how much I missed it, so now that I am home, I am trying to find a cheap pool where I could continue swimming:) Lets hope I get lucky!

For those interested in the progress of my masters thesis, I am still stuck. My mentor wanted me to repeat the ...ysis that I did (not a small number too) and when I looked a bit depressed about it, he tried to cheer me up by saying that for sure, I'll have to repeat my ...ysis at least 3 more time. Gee thanks for the pep talk!

These cute little critters can survive everything (from heat to cold! They even survived a trip to space!!!).
Laboratory experiments showed they can survive without food for 10 years (take that spiders!). You can usually find them in moss water (if you look it under a microscope). Wanna see how they move? Look here! AREN'T THEY CUTE!!!


Look what I found in my layouts folder xD I hoard so many beautiful manipulations and yet I use so little of them (mostly because I am too lazy and changing the layout takes so much time). I'm going to try to change that:)

Should be studying Marine Ecology or Enviromental class for exam on Wednesday and yet I keep procrastinating. Oh well at least I still have some time till exams.


Hello Faelwen! You have been a member since 12/28/2006

Fael or Faelwen.
25 autumns (God I'm old!), birthday on 28th September.
Green/brown eyes, brown hair (current length: really long).
German shepherd/husky mix Kaja.
Fell in love with swimming when I was 8. Favourite stroke: Freestyle all the way. BREASTSTROKE WAS ONLY INVENTED TO TORTURE PEOPLE (edit: I take that back. Clearly it shows I haven't trained much butterfly before. No other word describes 100m of butterfly better than torture. Pure torture I tell you).
Photography, mostly nature or animals since it feels weird to take photos of people (I guess that just shows how antisocial I really am).
Big fan of Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables (the stage performance, not the movie!). Though reading Les Miserables has been on my to do list for a while now.
Jane Austen fan here:) Sense and sensibility (though I might be a bit biased since I am in love with Alan Rickman) is my favourite with Pride and Prejudice a close second, followed by Emma. (also have the books! Though I still need Sense and sensibility *if someone needs an idea for my bday*).
Thanks to S.ass I now spend most of my free time (lets be honest, study time too) reading fanfiction *write faster S.ass -.- *

Triops status: trying to start the little guys again, but they WILL NOT hatch.

I took a short hiatus in 2008 when the game changed and came back a year or two later (I suspect Horseland is a black hole that sucks you in and never spits you out). I met some of awesome friends on this game, Pixxy and S.ass.
I have only used Faelwen as my nick. Got it in the first year of highschool when I played an awesome LOTR based RPG that was later destroyed by a vengeful player (note to self: never trust a Phantom) and it kinda stuck since.

I got a degree in Biology in 2012, now working on my masters degree in Ecology and Biodiversity (if anyone is interested, my master thesis is on Wolf-dog hybrids, more exactly on how to distinguish them from pure wolves by using genetics). I love the fieldwork (if you haven't tried catching frogs with a grasshopper tied to a string you are missing some great fun my friend) and parties that come after it (the stories I could tell you!).
I have been working at genetic laboratory in my University where we work with noninvasive samples of big mammals (lynx, bear, wolf and deer). Basically we get poop, saliva or hair samples and can tell to which individual it belongs. Too bad its only a student's job. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO FOR A LIVING GUYS. NOW HOW DO I MAKE IT HAPPEN???

Feel free to message me about anything:) If I dont respond to you in a few days that doesn't mean I am ignorning you, just that I am probably really busy and forgot about it. In that case, please message me again:)

How to reach me:
message me on my gmail:
also have skype. If you are a good friend or I like talking to you, you already have it:)


I have been making graphics for a year or two now, though I still have a LOT to learn. Since I want to practice my graphics will be free for a while. But I will only take the orders that I feel I will be able to complete. I can make pictures and layouts (though layouts are prettier). It may take me a while to complete your order, depending on my free time.

1. valinor (in process)
2. PRIMEVAL (7687606)
a palomino horse near a river & an owl in the sky. Spring or summer, red or green.
3. Dragon (7174391)
A horse (black/grey/bay, Arabian/TB) just standing in a field. Summer theme, blue or grey.

Examples: check my dA account here


horse in training with freska
horse in training with Sulahorse
horse in training with VanillaTN
horse in training with H.idden
horse in training with xDalliance


I have become a moderator on 12/2/2012.

You will recognize us by the yellow badge next to the name. Our job is to help the players of HL any way we can. We have the ability to boot, block or ban players from the game, but contrary to what many of the players believe we do not do this for fun.

I am 6 hours ahead of HL time! Feel free to message me anytime and I'll respond as soon as I can.

The following offenses are grounds for a player being kicked off or banned from Horseland.

Swearing or foul language.
Harassment of other players.
Inappropriate talk (drugs, violence, etc.).
Asking for login and password information.
Asking for cheats, scripts, or hacking information.
Slander against other players.
Impersonating Horseland staff/moderators.
Linking to inappropriate sites or scam pages.
Buying or selling Accounts and/or Upgrades.

Here are some useful links for you to check first before messaging me;)

The Mod Squad - new page
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Graphics on HL
Feb's Guide to Graphics and Copyright Issues
DeviantART info

Made this during the rainy weekend:) First come, first serve... Send me a message with the numbers of pictures you are interested in:) I might also be willing to make you a custom, so feel free to ask.

Border Collie
Rhodesian Ridgeback

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