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  freska (322152)       Anyone with votes available please message me. 23 hours ago
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December 9

Keeping on, keeping on. Either HL switched genders on me or I made a huge mistake with Ice's GSPs. It'll be an annoying inconvenience to fix, but still. I'm wondering if HL switched them...if not I must have been out of it for the past few months since I never noticed it!

Notes to Self

- Owe Taylor 250k training whenever she wants it (she is to message me. can be split up any ways, and horse/dog)

About Me

Not too much to know about me. People in real life know me as Caitlin or Cait. I'm in my late twenties. I work two jobs, one part time at a grocery store and the other at a dental office as a dental assistant and receptionist. I'm also in school full time for dental hygiene. I just finished my first year of hygiene school in June 2017, and I should graduate in May 2018. I'm on HL time (Eastern USA). I'm pretty friendly and don't mind helping out in anything that you need. I don't accept random friend requests, if you want to be friends feel free to strike up a conversation.

The Horses


My Nashville line is currently on the 10th generation and was started May 2014. My Botanical line was inherited by Alice in August 2016 and was 7 generations. In July 2017 I decided to merge the two lines together, with the first merged foal coming in November/December 2017. Point goals are 500k, with the lined horse at 750k+.

Name inspiration: songs from the show Nashville.

American Miniature Horses

This line was started September 2016 and is shared with the fabulous Epride. We are currently on the 3rd generation. Highest pointed mini on the game is 2.4 million and our goal is to exceed that. Minimum point goals for both the store and lined AMH are 1 mill.

The Dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Started in May 2014. I am on the 12th generation. I was inspired to train Chessies because my real life crazy dog is a Chessie. She is the most loving, smart, headstrong, and quirky dog I have ever met. I have fallen in love with the breed. Goal 750k+.

I have trained SIX 1 mill dogs in this line!! WHAAAAT? :D


Line started in June 2016 in memory of my husband's uncle Alan who died tragically/suddenly. These were his favorite breed. Goal is 500k each.

Name Inspiration: songs by the band Rush (Alan's favorite band).

German Shorthaired Pointers

These babies are Ice's. I've been training them for the past year for her. Point goals are minimum 500k+, with the golden line striving for 750k+.
Show Pro // Eventing Club // Retirement

Amor // Bambi // DCIII // Dragon // E_pride // Eyre // Fallow //
Flash // Ice // Lynelle // Prime // Whim



50 votes - 5k
100 votes - 10k
200 votes - 25k
400 votes - 50k

Anything under 100 votes is 100c per votes, if you want anything over 100 you must buy them at the full package. Votes are exclusive.

Point Training


50k points - 6k coins
100k points - 12k
150k points - 18k
200k points - 24k
500k point - 60k

1. open
2. open

Waiting List
1. closed

Ticket Training


20c per ticket - must message me to order. I usually keep for myself so if you don't message me to order them I won't accept your requests. I will take whatever orders you would like. I have done up to 10k orders before. Only one spot open at a time.

Will open when I renew my premi. No idea when that is.

1. open

Player Points: 124553535

Boarding Fee = 1000.00 Coins
- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 5948

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2018 Player Point Extravaganza  COme get those payment pons please 2 hours ago
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Eyre // Life is Wonderful  Grandiose thanks to Zamp... new line organization ... new lines and edited update. Busy morning. lol 5 hours ago
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Zamp  Moderator Officially on my 26th generation of Labradors :) I've been here too long. 8 hours ago
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Haliburton's Equestrian [H  Premium Member To lease a horse... or to own a horse.... that is the question.... 20 hours ago
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ᔕᗩᖴIᖇIᗩ ♡  PSA I’m a lil drunk rn 22 hours ago
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Imperio  when you’re super inactive and lose all your horses on your retirement account 23 hours ago
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Zyelia  Two Shire mares left for sale, more foals will be for sale soon! 1 days ago
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e_pride @ American Eventing Ce  Premium Member What a great weekend! Now back to the training grind! 1 days ago
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GAC - Pro Trainer  Finally got something right! Took me a while, but I got it. 1 days ago
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DCIII — stay gold  2 days ago
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alle - me in rodeo?  premade has been sold! thank you Alli, as well as the other bidders! 2 days ago
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Lynelle! The Queen ♔  Horse show week. Limited internet if I am slow to respond 2 days ago
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Dragon // open your eyes  New update and new layout. :) 2 days ago
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`B.ambiLeigh♡  Premium Member I have a 3y/o Canadian warmblood available free to a genuine trainer! 3 days ago
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whimbrelle ♔  Looking for a great horse trainer... please send a msg! 4 days ago
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Primeval  20 million pp at last. 5 days ago
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Owned by freska

[053.388] needs name - 3 on 5/4 (15440217) - Hanoverian - Stallion (327 day(s). )
e. [100.197] needs name (15437935) - American Miniature Horse - Stallion * CURRENTLY RIDING * (527 day(s). )
z [ money horse ] (15428929) - Hanoverian - Gelding (138 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15428620) - Hanoverian - Gelding (21 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15428147) - Hanoverian - Gelding (129 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15428621) - Hanoverian - Gelding (21 day(s). )

Owned by freska

[194.678] Last Laugh (1801341) - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Male - 4/29 (375 day(s). )
[256.968] Frozen Assets (1801285) - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Female - 4/29 (388 day(s). )
vz8. [000.830] vizsla needs name - 3 on 5/14 (1801413) - Vizsla - Male - (642 day(s). )
z [015.357] ices golden final - 3 on 5/14 (1801411) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Female - (134 day(s). )
z2 [012.835] ice's condescending final - 3 on 5/9 (1801397) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Male - (91 day(s). )

Last show was set up on 12/18/2017
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