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  freska (322152) Premium Member       should really be studying or at least out grocery shopping...b ut i'm training. I have a problem 3 days ago
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March 19, 2017 - It's been a while since I've done an update. In HL life, things are going great. Chessies will make it to 1 mill again, and I got one of Ice's pup to 1 mill too :D I can't wait til she logs on for that surprise. I've been trying to keep training up, but it's been incredibly slow going because life keeps making demands on me. Thanks to Lyn and HCLA for being super patient with me! In real life news, I'm doing well in school still. We started seeing patients in clinic which has added a ton of new stress because we have quota, points, insane amount of paperwork, and I'm in charge of keeping my own schedule full. And that's on top of my academic classes which are extremely difficult (in particular oral pathology and pharmacology). That's really about it! My life is basically school and work.

December 29, 2016 - Isn't this layout fantastic?! Holy cow. I never thought I would ever have a layout by paintedchaos. I bid on it completely expecting to be outbid (because that's what happens every time). Huge surprise! Other than that, no HL news other than I'm training a million horses right now for free.

Real life, things are going well. I'm on my winter break from school, but I'm working my little life away.

Notes To Self

ended shows on spare 35
ended votes on spare 59
Trading training tickets with Dragon for pics. Pics ordered for: Black Gold, Chauvinist, Inconsolable, Treasure Map, 2 AMH's, and 2 Chessies: Color Me Gone and Speak of the Devil and retirement layout
I owe dragon training tickets. 2000 for pictures, 500 for eventing. 1000 for non coded
donating 2000 training tickets in May, 25k coins, and 3000 feed servings to HRC raffle

About Me

Not too much to know about me. People in real life know me as Caitlin or Cait. I'm in my mid-twenties. I work two jobs, one part time at a grocery store and the other at a dental office as a dental assistant and receptionist. I'm also in school full time for dental hygiene. I just finished my first semester in December 2016, and I should graduate in May 2018. I'm on HL time (Eastern USA). I'm pretty friendly and don't mind helping out in anything that you need. I don't accept random friend requests, if you want to be friends feel free to strike up a conversation.

Hanoverians - Nashville Line

Currently on the 8th generation

Started in May 2014 when I first came back to this game. I've always bred Hanos on HL. All point goals are 750k+, but go to 1 mill whenever I have the time.

Name Inspiration: Songs from the show Nashville

1a. Casino x 1a. Black Roses :: 1b. Pieces x 1b. Hypnotizing :: 1c. Consider x 1c. Gin :: 1d. Fade X 1d. Town
2a. Done Running x 2b. Already Gone :: 2c. Sideshow x 2c. Wrong Song :: 2d. This Time x 2d. Trouble Is
3a. Buried Under x 3a. Undermine :: 3b. Matchbox Blues x 3b. Stronger ::3c. Ghost Town x 3c. Lately :: 3d. Red Flag X 3d. Bitter Memory
4a. Breathe In x 4b. Spinning Revolver :: 4c. Can’t Help My Heart x 4d. On a Rail
5a. Broken Song x 5d. The Real Thing
6a. Lonesome Fugitive x 6a. Only Tennessee
7a. Twist of Barbwire x 7a. One by One
8a. Swept Away x 8a. The Rubble 8b. Keep Coming Back x 8b. Speak To Me
9a. Wide Open x 9b. Sanctuary

Hanoverians - Botanical Line

Currently on 7th generation

Inherited these from Alice probably around August 2016. They are not my main line, although they may be incorporated into it someday. Goal 500k+.

Name Inspiration: Stallion - trees, Mare - flowers.

1a. Begonie x 1a. Holunder :: 1b. Dahlie x 1b. Ulme
2a. Alder x 2a. Dahlia
3a. Ash x 3a. Arnica
4a. Miro x 4a. Baby’s Breath
5a. Aspen x 5a. Alstroemeria
6a. Hemlock x 6a. Peony 6b. Soul Survivor x 6b. Caged Bird
7a. Hickory x 7b. Amaryllis

American Miniature Horses

First generation

Started in Sept 2016 with Epride. She posted in the forums that she was looking to share a line with someone and I just had to jump on the chance. Goal 1 mill+. Highest mini is 2.6 mill and we'd eventually like to exceed that!

1a. Mendeleev (trained by freska) x 1a. Chemistry Nerd (trained by E_pride)
2a. Stoichiometry (trained by E_Pride) x 2a. Conversion Factor (trained by freska)

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

11th Generation

Started in May 2014. I was inspired to train Chessies because my real life crazy dog is a Chessie. She is the most loving, smart, headstrong, and quirky dog I have ever met. I have fallen in love with the breed. Goal 750k+.

I have trained SIX 1 mill dogs in this line!! WHAAAAT? :D

1a. Break a Leg x 1a. Shoo Dog Git 1b. Day Off x 1b. Shaken Not Stirred
2a. Beautiful ... x 2a. Three Pete
3a. Catch n’ Release x 3a. Blushing Bride
4a. Contractor’s Liability x 4a. Everlasting Light
5a. Wingman x 5a. Chanel No. 5
6a. Thunder & Lightning x 6a. Balew Bayou
7a. Hurricane Alley (1 mill pts!) x 7a. Rolling Dice
8a. Lily of the Nile (1 mill pts!) x 8a. Make Me Famous (1.15 mill pts!)
9a. Home of the Brave (1 mill pts!) x 9a. Carbon Copy
10a. Eight Second Ride (1 mill!) x 10a. Sweet Carolina (1 mill!)
11a. Color Me Gone x 11a. Speak of the Devil

The Vizslas

4th Generation
Started in June or July 2016, I can't remember exactly when. They are in honor of my husband's uncle who died suddenly when he fell off of a ladder while pruning his trees. He was well loved, and such an amazing man/inspiration. I know it's weird to make a line after his memory, but Vizslas were his favorite breed. He had a couple as his hunting dogs and he loved them dearly. Name inspirations are songs by the band Rush, because Rush was his favorite band.

1a. Lakeside Park x 1a. Circumstances
2a. Limelight x 2a. Tom Sawyer
3a. Jacob’s Ladder x 3a. Finding My Way
4a. Lock and Key x 4a. Vital Signs

Ice Stable's Pointers

I'm babysitting three lines of Ice's pointers. Her Golden line, her Condescending line, and her Backstreet Boy Line. Just doing it because Ice is the best, and we can't let her lines end ever!

Show Pro // Eventing Club // Retirement

Cactus // DCIII // Dragon // E_pride // Eyre // Flash // Ice // Lynelle // Whim



50 votes - 5k
100 votes - 10k
200 votes - 25k
400 votes - 50k

Anything under 100 votes is 100c per votes, if you want anything over 100 you must buy them at the full package. Votes are exclusive.

1. Dragon - TV - 50/50 Jumpers - V# 25-74
2. Xanthos - Jockey - 50/50 - V# 11-60 - PAID
3. DC - TV - 50/50 XC - V# 26-75

Point Training


50k points - 6k coins
100k points - 12k
150k points - 18k
200k points - 24k
500k point - 60k

1. Open
2. Open

Training 2 of Topi's dogs to 100k - price 15k total

Ticket Training


30c per ticket - must message me to order. I usually keep for myself so if you don't message me to order them I won't accept your requests. I will take whatever orders you would like. I have done up to 10k orders before. Only one spot open at a time.

1. open

Coding (c) by Aeon 892686

Player Points: 97242277

Boarding Fee = 1000.00 Coins
- does offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 2914

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Eyre // Life is Wonderful  Haha! Thanks for letting me snatch it away, Imperio! 1 hours ago
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e_pride @ American Eventing Ce  Premium Member New update with Ducky Show Pics! 3 hours ago
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Lynelle! The Queen ♔  Bidding off ONE custom layout. 3 hours ago
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Imperio  thank you Eyre! 7 hours ago
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sulahorse (thoroughbreds &  dont have time to train with finals coming up i am 1 days ago
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silhouette  1 days ago
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Haliburton's Equestrian [H  Premium Member Anyone interested in making me about 6 PRO horse pictures? 1 days ago
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Isemay & Kimimela  Premium Member will be on later 1 days ago
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Pandora ♡ Now or Never  I've been playing more Alicia Online than Horseland these days! 1 days ago
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Levitate  Moderator Yeah I'm still around. Just been silent 1 days ago
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Coeur de Pirate  Need some spares. Like seriously. 1 days ago
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alicia  So happy with generation 4 of the pavonine line c: 1 days ago
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Dragon // open your eyes  I need shows to watch on netflix. Any suggestions? 2 days ago
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Atlas ♛ Elite Holsteiners  Premium Member Four lovely, pointed Holsteiner Colts/Stalli ons for sale! Reasonably priced. 2 days ago
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Warmblood Club  Come and enter your horses!! 2 days ago
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ephemira  If you're still looking for votes, 20 last minute votes will be 5k 3 days ago
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Owned by freska

[129.501] Sanctuary (15396594) - Hanoverian - Mare (396 day(s). )
[231.894] Wide Open (15396591) - Hanoverian - Stallion (487 day(s). )
2 [166.960] Hickory (15396592) - Hanoverian - Stallion (676 day(s). )
2. [118.317] Amaryllis (15396593) - Hanoverian - Mare (410 day(s). )
e [1.185.379] Conversion Factor (15386232) - American Miniature Horse - Stallion * CURRENTLY RIDING * (1272 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15353731) - Hanoverian - Gelding * FOR SALE * (26 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15391873) - Hanoverian - Gelding * FOR SALE * (38 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15397806) - Hanoverian - Gelding * FOR SALE * (123 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15397807) - Hanoverian - Gelding * FOR SALE * (81 day(s). )
z [money horse] (15397805) - Hanoverian - Gelding (109 day(s). )

Owned by freska

[051.564] Color Me Gone - 3 on 4/26 (1800365) - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Female - (546 day(s). )
vz [264.364] Lock and Key (1800311) - Vizsla - Female - 4/28 (473 day(s). )
vz [266.505] Vital Signs (1800229) - Vizsla - Male - 4/28 (1048 day(s). )
z1. a. [162.338] Treasure Map (1800358) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Male - 4/28 (542 day(s). )
z1. a. [319.539] Black Gold (1800262) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Female - 25th gen // 4/30 need 4/29 (468 day(s). )
z1. b. [191.311] Chauvinist (1800263) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Male - 21st gen // 4/28 (524 day(s). )
z1. b. [303.317] Inconsolable (1800192) - German Shorthaired Pointer - Female - 4/28 back up NLT 5/11 (500 day(s). )
zzzz [039.585] back up chessie (1800281) - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Female - (13 day(s). )

Last show was set up on 12/17/2016
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