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  A.ctually (4414985)
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Hello A.ctually! You have been a member since 12/11/2007

Triple Spade made my layout. you can find her in my friends list, or under my training references. =]

Who is She?

The name is A.ctually. im between the ages of 21 and 25. i blow my candles out the third of march. i have four horses of my own. one retired, one equ/jumper. and the other two are my hunters. i live somewhere on the west coast of USA. if there is anything you would like to know, please feel free to message me. =]

The Hanoverians

I have always bred hanoverians. my most famous line was my 'Sugarland' lines. the last remaining is Settlin'. the lines died after i took a year long hiatus. i restarted from store lines and you can see the progress below.

My Accomplishments

60+ 100kers
10 200kers
3 300kers
1 400kers
1 600ker
Hanoverian prezzi multiple times
multiple club mascots.
23+million player points.

Personal Notes

Start arabian lines?
breed mojave and red rock
train. train. train.
spare8 has other layout

Who I Support...

if you would like me to put up your card, let me know. =]


Auto- 500 coins per 100 classes.
3D/point- anything under 10k is 1000 coins
10k is 1500 coins
every 10k after that is 1000c.
so 50k would be 5000c 80k would be 8000c
any questions about pricing just message me. =]

i only take orders for up to 100k, unless you work out a deal with me. up to 40k points is same day. anything above that can/will take up to 2 days. i will same day train 100k for 20,000 coins if you ask and i have time.

ALL horses must be fed/shod/vetted AND have over 90% health. if they dont and i have to feed/shod/vet them add 500coins to the price. you have two days after i finish to pick up your horse or it becomes mine, unless other arrangements have been made with me ahead of time.

Training Spots


Waiting List



I offer bootcamp for your horses and dogs.

this is where you leave your horse with me for a certain amount of time. they will be trained, auto and 3D, for the set amount of points.
1 week- 150k points - 20,000coins
2 weeks- 200k points- 30,000coins
3 weeks- 300k points- 40,000coins


*amount of points may change when i have more time or see that i am able to train more. check back!

this is where you leave your dog with me for a set amount of time and i enter it in dog shows.
1 week- *points vary- 20,000coins
2weeks- *points vary- 30,000coins
3weeks- *points vary- 40,000coins


Training References
Jo's Warmbloods
triple spade
forever fallen
acura designs

Player Points: 23261460
Stable: B.aycrest F.arms

Boarding Fee = 10.00 Coins
- does offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 1170

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Owned by A.ctually
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