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About Hidden:

I there I am Hidden! I am a warmblood breeder and an auto and 3-D point trainer. I have been on horseland for over 5 years now and I am now trying to make a comeback! Currently I am breeding both American Warmbloods and Oldenburg's. In real life I have 3 Oldenburg geldings : Brownie, Riley and Snaps. I also have 2 ponies that are now leased out from my pony days: Lexi and Barbie. I compete in Hunters and Equitation. I am very friendly however I am not interested in roleplaying or racers.


I offer 3-D and auto training to my clients. 


Prices: 1- 2 day(s) of training: 10k points = 1000 coins 

20k points = 2000 coins 

3- 4 days of training: 30k points = 3000 coins 

40k points = 4000 coins

4 to 14 days of training: 50k points = 5000 coins 

60k points = 6000 coins 

70k points = 7000 coins

80k points = 8000 coins

14+ days of training: 100k+ message me for information

*Please note the times given are simply an estimate of time that the training may take. Training times may vary. Please message me with any questions.  

Links and Stuff: 

Players I support:

ł•/\/K||Semi Hiatus (7754476) (Ink)

R.edox || WRAH (6033401) 

's.imply sweet || trainer (7575562) 


Player Points: 1970982
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Boarding Fee = 12.00 Coins
- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 144

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LITTLE SPRUCE MEADOWS TRAINING  SELLING LAST MINUTE VOTES ONLY 50,and horses, i want 2 go 2disney land 1 hours ago
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River  Happy thanksgiving everyone! Graphics are open ans is training! 3 hours ago
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Taylor.  will be doing votes soon: 100 exc for 12k 13 hours ago
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sulahorse (thoroughbreds &  eventually ill fill out this beautiful layout 23 hours ago
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Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢⓣⓘⓝⓔ  doing votes next week, let me know if you need to order any(: ~ this week will be pretty crazyyy 1 days ago
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Hunter Jumper Club  Hey guys! PM the club with some contests/gam es/etc., you'd like to see! 3 days ago
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Dressage Club  Don't forget about the contests! 12 days ago
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M.averick }BOOLIES!1!!!!1!1!!1  }8U HL UP DATE YOUR SITE PLS 13 days ago
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skїtchy  Mare #15423670 Bred >> Stalliion #15415643 - Foal #15425863 Born 2 days ago
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Warmblood Club  New - Horse Show (#1051264). 13 hours ago
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atrocity // every little thing  Moderator 5 days ago
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simply sweet ♥ 
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Lady Bug 
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l a c e y 🐴 mustangs 
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