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If you're going to add me at the very least try and talk to me.

"AS IT ALL BURNED DOWN" Sparrow, quite the man don't you think? A charmer in every way and his looks only help him. A set of dark brown eyes, a height of 6'2, inviting lips, and to die for vocals. Yes he's a rather fine catch, but don't just assume that he's just some egomaniac, though he may come off as one, in reality hes a kind soul. He enjoys the good times in life and never wastes a second of it, after all if he was to die soon at the very least people could say he lived life to the fullest. Singing is his distraction, he's had a love for it since the minute his mother forced him to sing for the church choir. It was an embarrassment to him, but he's glad his mother made him do it, had she not he wouldn't be where he is now. Now at twenty one he's becoming a rising star. Recently he's been requested to accept a contract with a well known record label, and well of course he's accepted. Now he's starting on his first single and soon enough he'lo begin his album, he's rather proud that he's made it so far and he'll do anything to continue his path. Now I'm sure you're all itching to know more things than just Sparrow's success right? Well I'll make it nice and short, only two people are considered his friends and they are Alizayah [Kitten] and Phoneix [Nix] They're always standing by him making everything far better. As for a girl? None have been able to tame his animalistic ways. Don't get to attached to him, you'll only end up in tears. "HE PLAYED WITH THE ASHES"Alizayah: You're perfect in every way Kitten, your laugh and smile are contagious. Every moment I spend with you I find myself laughing and smiling, you're the most unique girl I've ever come across and I love that about you. There's never a time when you put yourself before others and that's a quality few have so be proud of that. When I'm with you things are never faked, I'm always myself with you and you accept me. Our little fights are always fun, but we wouldn't be functioning friends if we didn't have them. Stay just the way you are Kitt, you're perfect that way.AVERI:Woah. you're one he.ll of a girl I must say. Every word you say feels like you're shooting daggers at me. In comparison to Alizayah, you're the exact opposite. Phoenix: Clea:

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