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Chelsea • 22 • Australia
Hi there! You can call me Erratic or Chelsea. I'm a graphic designer from Australia.
I'm particularly fond of animals, coffee, gaming and nerdy things.
I accept all friend requests!

No premades available at the moment.
Check back soon!

Player Points: 260266
Stable: hello there!

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

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Phoenix Dusk  Stallion for sale, full marked blue roan with 3165 points 4 hours ago
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Lynelle! The Dark Queen ♔  thank you epride for everything you do XD 7 hours ago
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The Helping Hands  8 hours ago
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Zamp  Moderator I have a new layout idea. And I so desperately want to buy more lines... 8 hours ago
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Captain  2yo dapple grey bald shire colt for sale. 8 hours ago
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River  Anyone want some art. I have free time 10 hours ago
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♕ Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢⓣⓘⓝⓔ ♕  horses for sale, taking bids 14 hours ago
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zelly  hi 14 hours ago
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rhea. ♫  9 year old AQH stallion for sale. Has 67k on him. 18 hours ago
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Eyre // Life is Wonderful  Dear Numi, the idea and reality behind flowering tea really isn't compatible. Just fyi. 19 hours ago
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Primeval  I might never take this down! Selling my tbs, friesians, andys and belgians. COME SEE 20 hours ago
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atrocity  Premium Member Moderator 3 days ago
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eldafer  premade for bid 3 days ago
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Skitchy  anyone up for a chat? can't help but hop on here. 4 days ago
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Myxprint  Possibly returning. If I owe anyone coding requests, please let me know! 5 days ago
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P.aniemoniam  40 Exclusive Votes for Sale! 5 days ago
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Owned by erratic
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