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Chelsea • 22 • Australia
Hi there! You can call me Erratic or Chelsea. I'm a graphic designer from Australia.
I'm particularly fond of animals, coffee, gaming and nerdy things.
I accept all friend requests!

No premades available at the moment.
Check back soon!

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Stable: hello there!

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

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Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢⓣⓘⓝⓔ  2 hours ago
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Kenna(Dog Trainer And Breeder)  Premium Member Enjoyed training my dogs today!! 3 hours ago
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rhea. ♫  Probably won't be able to train much for the next couple of weeks. 4 hours ago
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Primeval  I'm failing this week! 6 hours ago
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River  I need trainers to train some pons! 6 hours ago
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diamond  is kinda bored. What's new? 7 hours ago
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Bela-designs  siick x.x opening date moved back I know I owe things. I'm going to try to work on them. 7 hours ago
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Phoenix Dusk  FB shires for sale 13 hours ago
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Haley philipians 4:13  Hey guys. 22 hours ago
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`B.ambiLeigh♡  Premium Member I hate putting unruns on horses/dogs -.- 1 days ago
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Macabre.  Never mind. The store wont work on new computer either. Darn it. See profile for contact info. 1 days ago
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alle - most likely inactive  heyy i have a few glitches up for bid - open to offers on all of them 1 days ago
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Nicole ||  20 votes open for march 2,000c for all 1 days ago
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Zamp  Moderator Things are slowing down and I'm hoping to get back to my routine this week. 1 days ago
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Eyre // Life is Wonderful  Haha, River. Climbin' in your window, snatchin' ; your premades up. lol 1 days ago
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Lynelle! The Queen ♔  Happy birffffday to the always supportive freska. much love XD 3 days ago
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Owned by erratic
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