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About This Account

The Mod Squad

In order to keep Horseland safe for all ages we have added Moderators to the site. These players have the ability to kick players out of the game temporarily and to ban players from the game for one year.

This badge icon indicates that a player is an official Horseland Moderator.

ALSO in chat, you can see if there is a mod in the room by seeing Moderator beside the players name. [example: Beatles Fan - BEATLES FAN(6057367) Moderator][In The World, there will be a little mod badge beside their name]

This account is ONLY used to have a friend list of active moderators in case players are in need of one. DO NOT SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST UNLESS YOU HAVE A HL MOD BADGE BESIDE YOUR NAME. IT WILL BE REJECTED AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. I myself used to be a moderator on this game, and more then once as well. It can be quite frustrating trying to find a moderator when you are desperately needing one, so all mods that are active will send a friend on here, or I will send them one.

On here I also clarify rules by contacting horseland, some of these rules come from emails that HL has replied back to me with.

If you have ANY questions, please contact one of the following moderators listed in the friend list, Do NOT message me any questions as I am NOT a moderator

Remember: HL moderators are unable to act on things they did not see including: hacking, stealing, or messages. They can offer advice on the situation but cannot boot or ban the accused player.

The Rules

The Seen Rules-Help, Terms of Service

From the rules, help, the FAQ, and the TOS.
The following offenses are grounds for a player being kicked off or banned from Horseland.
  1. Swearing or foul language. (Heck and Dang would not be considered foul language. Acronyms representing foul language are not permitted.)
  2. Any sort of secsual or cybur talk. (If a player says "Anyone want to chat" this is not considered cyburing.)
  3. Harassment of other players.
  4. Inappropriate talk. (drugs, violence, etc.)
  5. Asking for login and password information.
  6. Asking for cheats, scripts, or hacking information.
  7. Slander against other players.
  8. Impersonating Horseland staff
  9. Linking to inappropriate sites or scam pages.
  10. Gross or graphic horse slaughter language
  11. Buying or selling Accounts and/or Upgrades
Any player impersonating a Moderator will be banned from

Horseland staff and Moderators will ban players who swear, cybur, constantly harass, post bad pictures, sell accounts, flood, scam, steal, charge real money, impersonate Horseland staff, threaten people who enter their shows (Private Shows), log into banned accounts, or use scripts. We have players of all ages, we will ban anything that young children shouldn't have to come in contact with. We will also delete the descriptive information of any horse or player that we find inappropriate.

Also Horseland Moderators have the power to temporarily 'boot' players from the game for a number of offenses. The types of things that Mods may boot player for include, but are not limited to, harrassment, scamming, flooding the TALK boards, cyburing, bad language, slander, impersonating Horseland Staff, etc. It it up to the Moderator to decide if he or she should boot, ban, or simply warn a player if they are doing something wrong.

The Rules


Coins - Please remember that Horseland Coins have no real world value and can only be used to purchase services provided directly by Horseland LLC. Any act of trading/selling and/or unauthorized/fraudulent charging is in direct violation of the Terms of Use and all violators will be subject to immediate account termination. Always ask permission from your parent or guardian before you buy Coins. If you don't, and the payment is later canceled or declined, you will be permanently banned. Horseland Coins are non-refundable.

Linking to other sites - Horseland may be used for noncommercial purposes only. You are not permitted, without our express written approval, to distribute or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation of funds, endorsements (including of a political, seschual orientation, or social cause nature), promotions, or advertising, or solicitations of any kind or nature. You specifically acknowledge that soliciting other Horseland' users to join or become members of any commercial online service or other organization or group (profit, non-profit, social, political, or otherwise) is expressly prohibited.
[In short, you cannot advertise ANY website - including other games, fan sites, band sites,rping sites, chat sites etc...]

Religion - yes, as long as no arguments actually occur

Theft - People call riding horses on the roadway "Hacking". But in Horseland people also call it hacking when some loses horses or money to people that they did not want their horses or money to go to. Unfortunately, we cannot return horses or money that have been "stolen" by other players. We have no way to determine who is the rightful owner. If you think someone is getting into your account, change your password right away (do that from the bottom of your home page). Remember to check to make sure none of your horses are listed as FOR SALE unless you really want them for sale. Also, never give your password out to anyone or have partners in an account. That is the main reason that people lose things. We also cannot help players in cases where they buy accounts from other players and do not get them or if the same account is sold to many people. [In short, regardless if you give login out, or if you pay someone to train, make a layout etc, and you give them coins etc.. if they dont keep their end of the bargain, NOTHING can be done.]

Role Play (RPing) - You CANNOT role play in any of the talk boards, or in the forums. Role play is permitted in messages, in the world, or using Bzuzu.
Also, DO NOT use any gruesome or inappropriate words or acts while rping. Ihis is an all ages game after all.

The Definitions

  • Filter Dodging-- Deliberately circumventing Horseland's foul language filter. This includes using acronyms, spacing out letters and using other characters to symbolize letters.
  • Slander-- Spreading a false charge or misrepresentation; which defames and damages another player's reputation.
  • Harassment-- To annoy a player persistently or to create an unpleasant and hostile situation.
  • Flooding-- Posting more than 3 posts in a row.
  • Shouting-- The use of only capital letters or putting alot of !!!.
  • Inappropriate Talk-- As a general rule keep things "G" rated on Horseland. Remember, people of all ages play this game.
Religion: As long as they are not attacking other people it is permitted to bring up your religion/political views. We do not permit arguments about religion/politics just like we do not permit heated arguments about other things. If there is a forum post that is causing heated arguments it can be taken down by a moderator. If there is a player that is constantly causing problems and arguments that player can be warned/blocked/or banned depending on the circumstances.
In chat etiquette when some one writes in all caps it is considered shouting. Some people don't know this so we instruct our moderators to give them the benefit of the doubt and warn them not to use all caps. If the player argues or continues to use all caps to talk to a player after they know it is shouting then we will allow our moderators to boot them.
Other Languages: There is a foreign forum so if you want to talk in another language you can go there. The obvious reason why we do not allow players to talk in foreign languages anywhere else is because English is the common language that all our moderators speak and we do not want people to use a foreign language to say inappropriate things. We need to be able to moderate the website properly.
Bright Colours:A player can use any color they want, but It is probably more polite to the other chat members to use a color that you can see.

Mods and Screen Shots: Screen shots can be doctored so I wouldn't use them as a primary source of evidence, but if you notice a pattern of behavior with a player than you can take action. I would say that a screen shot would give you enough cause to warn the player. Of course you have to take into account the trustworthiness of the person giving you the evidence, and the actual content of the shot. If it is a minor offense like a filter doge or an argument it is less of a concern than cyburing or trying to steal account information.
If you are not sure what to do report it to Horseland Staff and we will look into the chat logs of the players involved.
Slaughter/Clean Ups: We allow players the freedom to play the game as they wish as long as they do not use bad language or graphic images. If you see a slaughter house with these bad things please report the account number to use and we will ban the account or at least remove the text and images and warn the owner.
Thank you.
This means slaughters and clean ups CAN exist as long as its kept clean - as in no gruesome images or words on their pages or as animals names.

Role Playing in Chat/World: We want to encourage moving r.p. over to bzuzu, so if you see people on the forums encourage them to move to bzuzu it has forums and they can r.p. there. We don't want any sort of violent or ...ual r.p. If players are not filter dodging or saying anything inappropriate we don't want to boot/ban them just for r.p. but we do want to guide them over to bzuzu.

The use of Freak/Freaking:Freak is fine to use.

World Flooding: For the "Wold Flooding" I would go on a case by case basis. If the player is not bothering anyone and they are minding their own business you should not say anything to them, but if they are harassing people and they will not leave another player alone then you can warn them.

Regarding Questions I ask
Basically with any question you ask it will be on a case by case basis we trust our moderators to do a good job of keeping the peace and making sure players are not doing anything inappropriate. We do give them guidelines, but every moderator is different. They are like teachers or police officers some are more strict than others. Horseland Staff reviews every banning and after we talk with the players we find out how long they should be banned for. Some people we ban for a long time others we don't it all depends on each individual's situation.

Contacting HL

Mod Applications

I keep seeing/getting asked how one becomes a mod on this game. First off you MUST BE 18 years of age or older, please DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR AGE. Also it would be nice if you give them some information as to the length of time on horseland, when you started, why your wanting to become a mod etc.... note BE HONEST PLEASE. Horseland WILL ask you a series of questions and give scenarios for you to answer. There are several steps before horseland will moderate players. Moderators are VOLUNTEERS, this means you DONATE your time to assisting horseland, and mods SHOULD BE ACTIVE, not logging in every month, rather they should login every day. Mods DO NOT pick favourites, nor do they stand my their friends. Mods HAVE A HUGE responsibility and its actually quite a difficult task at hand in regards to this. Not all players are going to co-oderate, nor will all players follow rules or listen. Mods ENFORCE THE RULES, its not hard - however if you are over 18 and feel you are capable of handling this, then go ahead and contact horseland

Horseland Contacts

Corporate Contact Information
Horseland LLC
PO Box 5549
Vernon Hills, IL 60061


Tel: 585-244-6740 If you are under 18 years of age, you must have permission from your parent or guardian before calling.

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