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Sale Information

All horses and dogs are for sale except my glitches.
All mares and stallions 20 years old or younger (except unicorns) are 95c each.
All geldings and all horses 21 years old or older (except unicorns) are 90c each.
Unicorn mares and stallions 20 years old or younger are 175c each.
Unicorn geldings and Unicorns 21 years or older are 99c each.
Dogs 15 years old or younger are 250c.
Dogs 16 years old or older are 99c.
I won't accept bids under my asking price.


I have 10 votes for sale. They are 100c each for non-exclusive or 150c each for exclusive. If you buy exclusive votes, you must buy all 10. If you want to buy my votes, leave a bid on a payment horse with the player who I'm voting for, which club, how many votes, and which type of votes.
I vote on the 1st, the 10th, the 20th, and on the last day of the month.

  • Me in Eventing - Exclusive - Not Done
  • Feb (1843083) in 4-H - Exclusive - Not Done
  • nid (3558913) in H/J - Exclusive - Not Done

About Me

Hello SandCastle » corre corre corre corazón! You have been a member since 5/9/2011 1:16:24 AM
Name: __________ (don't even try to guess)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Pets: Two cats and a dog
Riding for: 10 years
Discipline: Show Jumping


Player Points: 485129
Stable: y llorar, y llorar

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 382

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xDalliance  18 minutes ago
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Change {HIATUS}  Need a new layout :3 message me if you've got quality services open. 1 hours ago
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R. Christensen  Horses for sale! 5 AQH with over 1500hp, all 300c! Others under 200c. Please buy 8 hours ago
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Millesime ☼  I reckon its about time I change my layout... this beloved one has been up too long. 11 hours ago
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Kitana*Mortal Kombat*GamerGirl  is online! 11 hours ago
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Horseland Graphics Club  Critiques from last round have been posted. New round challenges will be messaged soon! 17 hours ago
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PRIMEVAL → Love Hope Faith  And for now my lovely friends, goodnight! I may not be on again properly until next week! :( 20 hours ago
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Erudite  I don't like seeing people hurt 20 hours ago
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♥Skylar♥ N' Wyatt &#  Weez wont be on for a week.... 23 hours ago
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Utopia  where are all the shows? :( 1 days ago
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Unicorn Club  winners chosen and will be contacted from my main (: have fun w/Megan and i'll come back September! 2 days ago
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Gaited Horse Club  Read are page, Important news is posted! 2 days ago
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Electra is out.  read my page. ~ goodbye 2 days ago
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Eventing Club  Enter the training contest and wishing well!! 4 days ago
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♥ Lyra ♥  UNICORNS FOR SALE 100c to 150c 5 days ago
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Owned by SandCastle » sálvame
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Last show was set up on 2/2/2014
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