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This Cleanup "Project"

why why why

This cleanup account was started by me, a real HorseLand player, ONLY for the purpose of CLEANING UP. If you really need to call me something (which i doubt there will ever be reason to), just make up a name. I tend to play this game more maturely than most 5 year old kiddies who run around buying useless “full bubbled mini shires” and what ever other nonsense you can think of. I am well respected, and apparently quite well known too, thus i will NOT link back to my main account or tell you who i am. I do not feel like getting flooded on my already busy inbox with messages relating to this account, if you have something to say, say it to me here. No, i will not even give you a hint, don’t bother – it will only get me irritated and result in some SUPER-DUPER NICE (that’s called sarcasm for all you little kiddies, who haven’t learn about that yet) messages from me and you being blocked. I got tired of seeing all these useless horses all over, and decided to do something about it, since i had a little spare coins on my main.

What I've spent

what it really takes...

Mostly for me, but if you wanna start a proper cleanup, look at this. THIS is what it takes.

So, just for interests' sake, i decided to track how much i spent on this project of mine. I keep track of what i transfer off my main, and thus what i spend on this account. All the coins spent either goes to: buying horses/dogs, and buying feed for them. Anything else (of which i can only think it would be a layout) will be listed seperately and have money transfered especially for that.

Counted from May 2011:

20k total spent by 2011-06-08
{70k for layout from Child of Bodom on 2011-07-08}
30k total spent by 2011-07-09
40k total spent by 2011-07-16
{73k donated by Precious on 2011-07-22}
50k total spent by 2011-07-24
{350coins donated by Belgian Breeder 202}
{{Thank you!!}}
60k total spent by 2011-07-29
70k total spent by 2011-08-02
{10k donated by illuminate}
{{Hound Club Wish, Thanx so much!!}}
75k total spent by 2011-09-09
{5,7k donated by halow}
{{Thanks a bunch!!}}
90k total spent by 2011-09-17
100k total spent by 2011-09-20
110k total spent by 2011-09-22
140k total spent by 2011-10-09
150k total spent by 2011-10-25
{25k to contest with TTA on 2011-11-02}
{{Great success, thanks for the idea!}}
250k total spent by 2011-11-02
300k total spent by 2011-11-13
{8k donated by La.Memior on 2011-11-21}
{{Loving the love, thanks!}}
400k total spent by 2012-02-26
{15k donated by Steeve's Slaughter Co. on 2012-08-09}
{{Thanks a bunch!}}
420k total spent by 2012-08-09
{15k donated by Steeve's Slaughter Co. on 2012-08-15}
{{Thank you once again!}}
440k total spent by 2012-10-02
460k total spent by 2012-11-15

Luffs & Hates

always a little bit of both...

[yay! common-sensed people!]

From: Alex (7789315) - This message is for all you stupid people who think Just is a horrible person. All Just is doing is cleaning up and getting ride of those pixels that are broken lined and well, useless. Stop calling her rude and stop saying she's a Jerk, looser,or whatever else you people can come up with. THEY ARE PIXELS! Not real horses!

From: Pony Paradise © || (5931266) - And just to say, what you are doing, is inspiring. Horseland needs more of you. You actually understand the implications of overbreeding. Highly respective work.

From: Nightmare || Just Another One ♦ (6426084) - Hey, it's Pony Paradise [= I changed my mind, but i'll help you out in anyway i can [= Seriously anything! You inspired the idea for my page [=

From: nugget face (6778898) - im glad there is Clean ups like you Playing on horseland somebody needs to take care of all these geldings Crossbreeds and Mix Breeds and old horses and dumb horse :) !

From: `afterlife » set the world on fire (6130051) - just wanted to let you know, i totally support what you do. it really annoys me to see all these useless horses (especially the QH geldings) and dogs floating around HL and people like you help the site out alot. =)

From: Tigerclaw|| Can't Be Loved (6482048) - I cant believe how nice and neat this clean-up is,by-far the most organized clean-up Ive ever seen!I do like cleanups since like everoyne else has said,they get rid of the Crossbreeds and Geldings!I love the layout too and I put your card on my page.

From: JewelSpirit » ღ||SSC (6748342) - thanks for bidding on all my horses you helped me out alot :D

From: 'Free }} Layouts and Thoroughbreds (7091326) - thank you for taking in my Shire. she was broken-lined and one-pointed, therefore not meaning anything to HL. clean-ups are not run by cruel, heartless people, but ones with brains. ...)

From: `e.rror (5046817) - I think it's a good thing your running a cleanup. HL is starting to get crowded with horses

From: ~petrichor. (7151501) - Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you do for HL. It's hard to find a REAL cleanup on this game. I 100% salute you and all of the other cleanups that help keep Horseland running smoothly. :)

From: Mediana™ »Mustang's & Pitbull's {graphics (6930549) - I support the clean ups with a brain and the ones that don't look unorganized and jumbled. By far one of the best and most organized clean ups I have seen on Horseland. Bravo!

From Precious(2377573) - Thank you for all the wonderful work you do! ...3 (message with donation)

From: `F r e e// C l e a n// u p (2726092) - I support you 110%! I love what you do because I am also in there with the same program! Thank you SO MUCH for not be so dumb and helping out!

From: ` S a e v i o (6190905) - Just wanted to say that it's nice seeing clean-ups on HL. Also, I'm loving your layout. You've got another supporter. :D

From: `S.apphire (6745964) - You're Welcome. I Think Clean-Ups Are What Horseland Needs. ESPECIALLY With The QH Geldings.

From: Belgian Breeder 202 (7337876) - i am against clean-up accounts, but i like the way u r running it. how u accually selling them back if the number of your horse is in the pedigree of one of my horses and u r tring to save lines. i am tring to breed belgians and as i was transferring them to another account a clean-up bought them. i no it was my fault but they refused to sell it back even tho i was using them 4 keeping lines alive

From: Blossomstorm/ Horse Finder (7262127) - You have done a very good job, well done I have your card on my page.

From: .:||CountryGal||:. ~Wrangler Wearin' Cowgirl!!~ (7023108) - Hey thanks for bdding on my horses!! :D im glad im finally starting to get rid of them!!

From: sunset pup (6224246) - ...o your gr8

[such funny-ness]

From: `D.reamstar ™ ◕‿◕(6572221) - can i make you feel bad? well if you are a clean up this is supporting slaughter in real life and you make it look like we dont care for horses
From: `D.reamstar ™ ◕‿◕(Leader of MC)lives-5 (6572221) - ik the difference between reality and simulation and when theres a cleanup it tells REAL slaughters that we dont care! get this through your moronic head! -- my response: yes, for sure, real life slaughter house owners sit around looking at who sends FAKE horses to an online account that retires them. I think some kids need to ask parents to explain reality vs. simulation to them. Or get some councelling.


From: asia aka(animal saver) (7358975) - um....didn't you see my post im a saver gust don't strave my horses i relly like them but i had to have money please don't kill them there use full and i don't want there baby foal to cry my brother will cry i will cry please please please don't kill them i will be very very very sad.plesase i will thnak you. if you don't kill them i will be happy :()
From: asia aka(animal saver) (7358975) - I know there not real im not in kindergarden im not dume im just saying there nice horses and my brother likes thoses horses im gust keep on going. [X]

From: `D.ersa`M. y a Semi Quit. (6450720) - Hes wonderful! and you dont deserve a mare like Whisky! Im am reporting you. Unless you give her back!
From: `D.ersa`M. y a Semi Quit. (6450720) - ever horse on hl goes back to a broken line! you are horrible person. Crule
From: `D.ersa`M. y a Semi Quit. (6450720) - think of all the little kids on hear! you are cold hearted! kids that dont have horses, this is all they have =/ wow. Fine wanna hurt those little kids, have fun.
From: `D.ersa`M. y a Semi Quit. (6450720) - 0.e he has the most foals on HL. i dont care about the others but i just dont want his foal to be killed.
From: `D.ersa`M. y a Semi Quit. (6450720) - you not getting this are you... Race+Fast+wins=famous... *sigh*


From: abbymaier (7238187) - oh n horses aren't ...useless... they r USEFUL this is a horse game so there is suppose 2 be horses

From: April*76 (6573585) - you suck!!!!!!1 (for the record this is the first message i ever received from this random person, the first time i ever even clicked their account, but that's a really all encompassing message, right?)

This Cleanup's Mission

what came over me?

This cleanup exists for one simple reason - to CLEAN UP pixels on this game. Not to make a profit. Not to play on kids’ emotions by threatening to “kill” the pixels (read clean up vs. slaughter). The pixels i keep on here do NOT need rescuing! They’re NOT real. I will try and feed them as much as possible, keep in mind i am not always staring at the computer screen my whole life. They will not be starved to end up in the Humane Association, for the simple reason that too many are “rescued”, by wasting 100 coins on a useless animal and then it is re-circulated into HL, (and the red text just irritate me). This, exactly, is what i will try to lessen, so i've rather incorporated feed into my system of when they're at retirements age. I will keep them here, feed them when necessary, until they reach retirement age. Horses over 21 years will be sent to the Pasture and dogs over 16 years to the Dog Retirement Farm, where after a period of time, they are completely deleted from HL’s databases.
I do NOT believe that too many horses are “cluttering” the place and “slowing down” the servers, if this was the case, HL would’ve made a plan by now. It’s just simply annoying and it makes proper horses worth less in players' eyes since they're all BROKE from buying stupid horseys, especially the QH geldings and useless shires. Why not rather give new players a “free store horse” voucher that they can actually USE to start their game? I do believe in keeping lines pure and having high pointed horses, so, if you want to sell a horse to me, know that if it's inbred and has 1 point i WILL retire it, NO question.

I do NOT believe in breeding horses for colours, height, being "mini" or "draft", markings or "racers" - there is NO such thing as training a horse for racing on HL. You cannot simply dump the word "racer" or "famous" in a horse's name and try to sell it for 3500coins. The speed of a horse in the world PURELY depends on the health, your computer, your internet connection speed, whether you have other browsers/programs open. HL was NOT programmed to make some horses faster than others. You cannot train a horse to be fast. A horse might be super fast with someone, if sold to a player with an ancient computer and slow dial-up internet, it WILL be slow again.

Some horses i buy, however, will be high pointed and have some lines maybe, and will be kept on here until i can find a good retirement to take them, to prevent them from being deleted, as they are actually WORTH something, unlike most i get. These will always be at the top of the list.

Cleanup or Slaughter?

there actually is a difference...

This is a CLEANUP, not a slaughter. The main difference is that a proper cleanup (of which few exist) will NOT sell the animals. A slaughter will play on your heart strings and threaten you by “asking you to buy the poor horses or they will die”. A PIXEL cannot die or be killed or be slaughtered. It’s NOT real life, it’s IMPOSSIBLE on this game. If you are against slaughterhouses on HL, do NOT buy from them. Their only mission is to make easy coins off you, by selling the horses for ridiculous prices, because you feel sorry for FAKE PIXELS. By buying horses from them, you are just encouraging their business and giving them more coins to keep upholding their accounts. Rather buy from another player who needs the money. Also, do not buy from cleanups that have all their horses for sale most of the time, they are just doing the same, and you will encourage them to keep going. Also, do not try and send them rude messages, you make yourself look like an idiot and they actually like it.

Deleted Pixels

gone forever...

As counted from May '11 and retired to HL's Pasture and Dog Retirement Farm

Horses: 22091
Dogs: 473

Selling To Me

if you want monies...

I will buy ANY horses (or dogs) you want to get rid of, regardless of lines, points, colours, breeds, etc. The prices will however, depend mostly on age and points. If it is an animal over 21 years, do not expect much coins, you can either accept my offer and make a few coins or retire it yourself and make ZERO coins. You are of course free to wait for someone else to buy it, but that’s your issue. I do not mind if it’s a mare, stallion or gelding; inbred, broken lined, etc. The quarter horse geldings will obviously not be worth much, but i will always buy them. Their price will depend on the age and whether it has a previous owner or not. If it does NOT have a previous owner, the price i pay will be higher, simply to help out the new players. Other players, just buy and resell the horses and will not get higher offers from me, as i strongly dislike the horses being circulated this much.

Just remember, i WILL retire them as soon as they can and i will NOT give them back just because you asked (see below).

Buying From Me

if you want ponies

My pixels on here are NOT for sale. You can beg and plead all you want, if you sold me one, it’s your own fault. I won’t give it back. The only time a pixel will EVER be sold, is if you have proof that you need it to save lines. You must have an animal that have my animal’s number somewhere in their pedigree. If the lines are already inbred or broken, i will NOT sell it as it won’t make a difference and it will never save those lines. The price for buying back such an animal, will depend on the points, but it will never be high, very low actually, because i WANT lines to be kept in order.

If this is your case, please please please, feel free to message me anytime. However, if you want an animal for any other reason, you will get a nicely worded message from me and a block, because you didn’t read the information here.


read before you ask...

Q: You have a horse/dog [insert number here] that is in my horse/dog [insert number here]'s pedigree, would you maybe sell it?
A: For SURE, for NOTHING, on the condidion that the lines are not already inbred or broken lined, otherwise the one animal won't make a difference.

Q: Can I donate to you?
A: Always, but just be sure that there's not rather some other player/club/account that could also use it. I will put money horses for sale for these purposes if you message me.

Q: Do you support RL slaughters?
A: No, not at ALL.

Q: Can I pleeeeeeaaase have [insert animal], I love it soooo much?
A: Uhm, no. It's not real, you cannot love it.

Q: You have my horse/dog, I would like it back now, or else...
A: If you sold it, it's not yours anymore. You can do nothing to make me give it back.

Q: Why are you killing innocent horses?
A: They're not horses, they're not innocent, they're not alive so they cannot die.

Q: If you want my horses, you will need to pay more, will you?
A: No, they're not even worth the bit that I will pay. Keep them.


like-minded people...

{a href=}{img src=""}{/a}

I have no idea who would use this, BUT, here goes. Do you want to support us? Rather than encouraging slaughter houses and cleanups who just want to make money? Just copy and paste the code above, and replace the brackets with greater and lesser signs, or HTML tags if you will.

Thank you to whoever will show support!

Player Points: 73053
Stable: All The Useless Pixels

- does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 4444

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