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About Moderators

Mods are:
  • Males and Females.

  • Ages 18+

  • Live all over the world.

  • Nominated by other Mods & selected by HL Staff.

  • Are active players who have been on HL for at least 2-3 years.

  • Have 'official moderator' underneath their name, in talk 'moderator' next to their name, and in world a badge icon next to their name.

  • Are not paid or compensated for their time. They volunteer for this position.

  • Moderators were added to Horseland to keep players of all ages safe. We have the power to boot you from your account, block you for 12 hours from your account, or completely ban your account.

    'Not all Mods were created equal'. Therefore, different moderators on the game all moderate differently. We follow guidelines, but we use discretion and personal judgement on how to handle the situation. Please keep this in mind.

    What Mods CAN and CANNOT Do

    Mods Can:
    1. Help settle arguments between players.
    2. Answer questions about the game.
    3. Moderate anywhere in the World, Forums, Talk, or review player pages.
    4. Receive reports from players about other players or issues they are having.
    5. Can contact Horseland if you are having a problem.
    6. Can request to have you IP banned from the game.
    7. Can accept screenshots as evidence in certain occasions, but they CANNOT be altered in any shape or form or they will be null and void. Any moderator has the authority to NOT accept your screenshot as evidence.
    8. Tell you to remove something from your page. (Graphics and typed info).
    9. Be stripped of their badge if they do not comply with HL rules and are elected to be removed from the position by HL and or other moderators.

    Mods Cannot:
    1. Get information to sign into your account. We only have access to your account from your page and only a 'moderator section'. We cannot see your information.
    2. Un-lock your account or un-ban your account. You will need to email horseland.
    3. Retrieve stolen goods from being 'hacked' (coins, horses, dogs, layouts coding). There is no way to prove who is the actual owner.
    4. Change your horse back to it's original colors or height after it has been scripted/altered.
    5. Ban without a ban-warning (there are instances where accounts can be banned due to trolling attacks or for safety measures of the game and players).
    6. Change game content. Only HL has control of any content running the game.
    7. Make you a moderator. Only HL can elect moderators and give them a badge.

    Horseland Rules

    Feel free to click the links to read about each topic:
    Horseland Rules & Help
    Moderator Rules
    About Graphics, Stock, & Crediting
    Terms of Service/TOS Rules
    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Hacking & Prevention
    Dating Rules & Internet Dating Dangers
    Bullying and Harassment
    Deviant Art Information
    Disturbing Chainmail Messages

    Hidden Rules

    Posts and Language:
    *Remember HL is a place for players of ALL ages. The basic guideline involving posts and language is "would you feel comfortable saying in front of a small child OR elderly person?" If you cannot answer that question and do not feel it would be suitable to entertain ALL of the ages in that broad span, then it DOES NOT belong on Horseland.*

    International Players:
    HL is a US game and is constructed using American English. Therefore, if you have a language barrier or you DO NOT reside in the US, you cannot use your barrier to defend yourself from the rules. This was agreed upon by YOU via the terms of service.

    You CANNOT role play in any of the talk boards, or in the forums. Role play is permitted in messages, in the world, or using Bzuzu.
    Also, DO NOT use any gruesome or inappropriate/erotic words or acts while rping. Ihis is an all ages game after all.

    Impersonating Mods, Staff, or Celebrities *NEW*:
    As of the beginning of February 2014, celebrities are now added to the list of people you are NOT allowed to impersonate. At a moderator's discretion, you will be asked to remove your content or issued a warning. Any celebrities, moderators, or HL staff may NOT be impersonated. Your account CAN be banned if you do impersonate any of these people.

    Caps & Bright Colors:
    In chat etiquette when some one writes in all caps it is considered shouting. Some people don't know this so we instruct our moderators to give them the benefit of the doubt and warn them not to use all caps. If the player argues or continues to use all caps to talk to a player after they know it is shouting then we will allow our moderators to boot them.
    Bright colors:
    A player can use any color they want, but It is probably more polite to the other chat members to use a color that you can see.

    Horseland understands that there are players who have different orientations other than hetero{s}exual and you might feel the need to express them. We are accepting of players of all types. However, posting that you are looking for a same gender life partner, arguing with players about your orientation/religion, or becoming graphic in language about homo{s}exual related information is NOT allowed. This is a grey area rule and if you are asked to remove any information regarding your orientation, please respect that it is out of concerns for you as a player. This also goes for hetero players as well. It is in your best interest to omit this information, since this is a HORSE and DOG game, and is none of anyone's concern. As for hetero{s}exual players, the same applies to you. Posts with (single, looking, needing a gf/bf/mate), arguing with players about relationships, or using graphic erotic details/msgs on the game is also NOT permitted.

    We allow players the freedom to play the game as they wish as long as they do not use bad language or graphic images. If you see a slaughter house with these bad things please report the account number to use and we will ban the account or at least remove the text and images and warn the owner. This means slaughters and clean ups CAN exist as long as its kept clean - as in no gruesome images or words on their pages or as animals names.
    Please respect ALL slaughter & clean-up rules posted on their pages.

    Please remember that Horseland Coins have no real world value and can only be used to purchase services provided directly by Horseland LLC. Any act of trading/selling and/or unauthorized/fraudulent charging is in direct violation of the Terms of Use and all violators will be subject to immediate account termination. This also goes for purchasing upgrades using payment methods that are not property of the account holder, as well as selling accounts to players that were NOT originally created by said player.

    RP 'Terroritory'/Cliques/'Eavesdropping':
    All three of these are NOT allowed on Horseland. Due to the game being multiplayer with open servers/talk; players are cannot claim territories when RPing & chatting. Telling players to leave the server because you are holding a 'private conversation' or create a clique to pressure players away is very rude. If you are discussing something private, please use your private messaging system, rather than using World or Talk. This is so players do not get attacked when they stumble on a conversation and get chased away or get called names. The use of 'randomer' although not necessarily, mean does hurt feelings and thus creates a bad environment for everyone. This is considered a type of bullying.

    When making a layout, you MUST include credits from the original stock providers.
    Correct credits: ,
    This shows where the background and animals came from. If you do not have credits on an image, you WILL be warned and told to take it down as it's against the law and an get you in serious trouble with the stock providers.

    You CANNOT take a "pretty picture" throw a player name and ID. That's stealing and is also against the law.
    Each stock provider has their own set of rules, and you are expected to follow them.
    If you are a beginning graphics maker, there are many tutorials on to help you with your art.


    The abuse of ANY Horseland glitch is AGAINST the rules. All glitches must be reported to a moderator or directly to HL.
    This includes: show, horse, dog, coin, or world glitches.
    Using a game glitch for profit, especially when involved in scripting will result in your account being ban-warned, put on probation, and possibly banned.
    The use of scripts to alter horses is NOT permitted. All horse colors, markings, manes, tails, tack, riders, and heights (unless grandfathered into the avatar system) MUST remain exactly how they are scripted by Horseland.
    The creation of one jump or all bonus shows is also grounds for having your account banned.

    Contacting Horseland

    Corporate Contact Info
    Horseland LLC
    PO Box 5549
    Vernon Hills, IL 60061


    Tel: 585-244-6740 If you are under 18 years of age, you must have permission from your parent or guardian before calling.

    Help for New Players

    New to Horseland?
    *Remember to feed your horses and dogs or they will go to the Humane Association*
    The Humane Association is where animals go when they are mistreated (if they are not fed for one month). The owner has one week from the date they are sent here to reclaim them at no cost. After one week they may be bought by any player. The price will be set by the Humane Association.

    Making coins:
    1. Play HL games found by clicking 'games' in the main header bar.
    2. Selling graphics made by you using stock, credits, and a manipulation program (GIMP, Photoshop, ect.)
    3. Using spare accounts to create shows for horses or dogs.
    4. Use spare accounts to sell votes to those campaigning for presidency in horse and dog clubs.
    5. Training (auto, 3d, or tickets) for players.
    6. Selling horses and dogs.

    Selling Layouts:
    You can sell a layout by using a spare account (one other than your main). Code and post the layout on that page and advertise using your main account. You will also need a payment horse or dog so that way players may purchase your layout. You and the person purchasing your layout will need access to their email. It is the easiest way to send the code.
    You may also purchase a premium account through HL by clicking on the golden coin by your personal coin count and messages. This will cost RL money each money and requires a credit card, paypal, or a game card.

    Blocking A Player:
    If someone is bothering you or harassing you on the game and you would like it to stop, you can block a player from contacting you. Simply:
    1. Get their player ID number from their page or from the messages they have sent.
    2. Go to your homepage. Click 'Update' (where you change your layout).
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. There should be a section for blocking players under the header 'Messages'.
    4. Put their player number in the box and make sure you click 'Block'.
    (If you chose to un-block them later, you may do so by clicking the drop-box in the same section and choose their player number and then click 'un-block'.)

    Club Presidents and Sponsors

    Learn How to Be a President
    In effort to help make Horseland official horse and dog clubs fair for ALL players, the Horseland Moderators will be helping to support players interested in running as a president. The Mods are going to be trying something new to help players earn club presidencies. We plan on helping to fund presidents in clubs who have campagined several times, but cannot seem to earn enough votes. Perhaps, you also cannot run because coins are low and you want to offer great prizes?

    Remember, Horseland Club money CANNOT be used for your presidency. It cannot be moved or touched. It can ONLY be used for feed for the club from the general store.

    We are looking for GREAT candidates who would make wonderful presidents for clubs.
    1. You must be active.
    2. You must possess the qualities to make a good president (fair, trustworthy, knowledgeable).
    3. You must ONLY use your sponsor money for the club. It cannot be used for anything else.
    4. Must have SOME idea of HTML, so we can help you get your layout up. If not, I can make screenshot tutorials.
    5. Must want to promote the club and make it active.
    6. Must not have already been the club president.

    *We are not sure about funding as of right now. So, we''re not sure of how many players we can help, but we''d LOVE to consider you.
    *We also CANNOT guarantee you a club that you have wanted to run. But, we might be able to help you win another club. If you are interested in this please click [HERE] and copy the form we have posted to enter for your chance to get sponsored by a moderator.

    Since the moderators are sponsoring this with their own coins and it is not being funded by HL, we would LOVE to get some sponsors for these wonderful candidates. This includes any coins, layouts (including cards), and prizes for the club of their choice. If you think you might be able to help, please post [HERE] to make your contribution today!

    Player Points: 0
    Coins: 54
    Stable: The Mod Headquarters

    - does not offer public stable boarding for horses.
    - does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

    Number of servings in the feed bin: 53

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