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04/20/17 Okay guys! All 7 ponies have been added to pages! AND!!! New prizes have been added!! They can be on friends or club pages I am associated with! Maybe a new friend? Who knows! Get to looking! All ponies are hidden on the pages of well known players/clubs! Message the club when you know where all 7 are!

04/17/17 Hi guys! So I've had some problems with having people hide the ponies!! We currently only have 4/7 ponies up & hiding on people's pages!! As soon as all 7 are up, I will make an announcement and the contest will begin!!

04/12/17 hello all! your new president, Sulahorse #3886823 here. as we speak, I am in the process of setting up some great contsests for this club! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to message me! (:

07/14/16 Bingo party will be at 3pm HL time and possibly again at 6pm:)

07/13/16 Please let your friends know about this page, so more players can join the fun :)

07/08/16 SUMMER CONTESTS ARE FINALLY HERE!!! Well these were supposed to go up on 4th of July but I (Fael) was busy finishing my thesis (it is now finally done, but you can read more about it in my updates).

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What is Salute to summer?

Since our Christmas extravaganza was such a huge success two years in a row we have decided to organize a similar event in the summer:) To celebrate the end of school year (well at least for most players) and start of summer holidays, we'll post new contests over time! Be sure to keep checking (and enter of course!) or you'll miss out on some awesome prizes:)


- you can only enter each contest once. If we find out you're using multiple accounts, you'll be in big problems!
- sharing pony locations with your friends is not allowed until the contest is over (we will also post all the locations as well once it's over)

If you have any extra questions please feel free to message us!

Help us

If you have any contest ideas, please speak up!!

A big thank you

- to Alice for making us this awesome layout
- to Ice for making us the cute pony hunt icon!

How to enter contests!

Okay so for contests #1, #2, and #4, please message us with your responses. Since these are guessing/informational games, we want to keep things anonymous and let people have the most fun! But for the quick train, please post in the forum your name and horse's ID you are entering!
Also a little side note for the pony hunt...ponies can be hidden on player's pages AND club pages!! So be sure to look everywhere!!

Contest #1: GUESS THAT SONG!

Someone has won!!! Contest is over! Okay, so I'm going to give you a few key words in the songs and your job is to tell me the name of the song and the artist! I'll give you a few hints as well! Here's the info!!
it's a country song!
Key word #1: happy man
Key word #2: black dress
Key word #3: fireplace
I tried not to make it too hard! It's a pretty mainstream song! (:
This will continue until someone successfully messages the club with the song!
Winner gets a secret prize ;)
Update: winner is Zinnia (7939979) !! Thanks everyone for entering!

Contest #2: PONY HUNT

Since our elf pony is still recovering from the Christmas hunt, his friend offered to help out! Therefore, 7! ponies like the one above will be hidden all over HL:) Can you find all of them?

DOES NOT COUNT: 1. the pony on THIS club page! 2. the icon on Ice's page...she just has not taken it down from last summer. Other than that, all ponies count!!

- 50,000 points in training from Sulahorse
- 1 personal picture for your animal from Imperio (8040636)
- 5,000 coins
- A breeding to a racehorse of your choosing (restrictions may apply)
- I will pay the entry fee to your next race (restrictions may apply)
- 2 store dogs or horses of your choosing (breed and gender)
- servings of food to help feed your horses!

Winner will be able to pick the prize they want as well as second and third placed player. Depending on the number of players participating, we'll add more prizes:)

When you found all the ponies, please let us (SALUTE TO SUMMER CLUB) know in a message with all the names and numbers of the people whose page the ponies are on! Contest begins 4/20! You have one week to find all 7 ponies! Also the winner will be the person who finds the most ponies the quickest!

p.s!! some of the pony icons have "doesn't count" written across them...please ignore this!!!

p.s.#2 ponies can be hidden on player pages or club pages! so hint hint!! check the pages of clubs & friends I am associated with! ;) also remember, they can be hidden in scrolls of layouts!

Contest #3: QUCIK TRAIN

So for this, let's plan on starting 4/27 and continuing through 5/1. This means you have the weekend to put as many points on your horse as possible! Please message the club with the pony you are using and it's starting points!
- 50,000 points in training from Sulahorse
- 1 support card from • S`mokey • (8042918)


So I'm currently binge watching 3 different shows on Netflix! Message me and tell me what you're watching too! If we're watching any of the same shows, you'll win a prize! I will allow up to 5 people to win! & you can pick your prizes!!
- I will pay the entry fee to your next race (restrictions may apply)
- 1 personal picture for your animal from Imperio (8040636)
- 2 store horses of your choosing (breed and gender)
- 2 store dogs of your choosing (breed and gender)
- servings of food to help feed your horses!

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