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Aught 30st, 2012

So, I'm opening Pre Ordered foals again.
This is where you choose a mare and a stallion to breed together (both owned by myself) and you buy the foal for the studs fee.
If you have any questions on this, feel free to message me.


June 25th, 2012

So, SBRT is back and we are looking for members(:
There are some downfalls cuz of some people.


May 30th, 2012

So, today's my birthday and I'm finally a legal adult. Yep, I'm finally 18 years old lol.


May 20th, 2012

Today is the day when SBRT finally came to end after being run for over a year. Founded by myself and Jesse (Abducted)


May 8th, 2012

Don't vote for me in Horse Racing Club. I don't want it. I don't even know why I took it back honestly.. It's to much for myself to worry about since it's the end of school and we have finals and loads of tests. Work s being piled on me.
Also, if you want any of my Shire "racers" just message me. I'll give you a set stone price. Nothing less than what I say, or you can look somewhere else for "racers."


May 3rd, 2012

Bought this layout a little while ago but finally put it up, lol. L-O-V-E it! ^-^


30th of March

So I've decided to run in Horse Racing Club at last minute xD So vote for me with you can :p
Also.. Got some random luff mail from my friend Taint! Click {HERE} to read it ^-^ Luff you Taint! :D


20th of Feb.

So, I jsut got some major 'Luff Mail' from my freind (sister)Bullet! Click HERE if you wanna listen to what she said to me! :D


18th of Jan.

Just gonna talk about HL-Racing...The only way someone is going to be fast, is if players have a fast computer. This 'Training' thing doesn't work. It's a lie and a scam to yourself and others..
Any questions on HL-Racing you wanna ask me? Go ahead..

for the stalkers

Angel is a girl lol.
Angel wants to be called Angel, nothing more.
Angel ages up on May 30th, and came in this world in the year 1994. {90s baby!}
Angel is 18 years of age.
Angels DA account: Aquata
Angel has few photos of her: Angel
Angel has a dog named Dottie: Photos of Dottie
Angel use to also have another dog named Maxie: Photos of Maxie
Angel got a new Puppy named Blade: Photos of Blade
Angel's wild Snails: Sanil One | Sanile Two | Snail Three

RP Characters


Inactive meaning, I think they are cute or pretty. I do not role play.
She-cat. No Clan. Lone cat.

Female wolf. No pack. Lone Wolf.

Mare. No herd. Lone mare~read more on her photo~

Silver Bullet Race Team

SBRT Page is here

Captain: Angel
1. Zenobia
2. Raven
3. Freedom
4. Taint
5. Mickey
6. Flying Colors
7. Safe & Sound


Horse Racing Club | Unicorn Club | HL Pony Club - SW Chapter | Terrier Club | Bullied Breeds Club | tva | Secret Gift |
Prestige {Iloveyou} | PixXy | Petri | Gifty | xylia | Frussy | Steeve's Slaughter| Mystic Spirit | iconia | erratic |


Follow Them!

1. Swearing or foul language.
2. Any sort of secsual or cybur talk.
3. Harassment of other players.
4. Inappropriate talk. (drugs, violence, etc.)
5. Asking for login and password information.
6. Asking for cheats, scripts, or hacking information.
7. Slander against other players.
8. Impersonating Horseland staff.
9. Linking to inappropriate sites or scam pages.
10. Gross or graphic horse slaughter language.
11. Buying or selling Accounts and/or Upgrades.
Click here for more information

support me

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Each vote is 100c pre vote non-exclusive and 200c pre vote exclusive. 20 votes! ~If you want to buy votes from her, bid on a payment horse of hers and in the message say what club and how many vote/what kind of votes.
Voting References
PixXy | gutter | Zamp

Vote Orders
20 EXC for Sassenach in Warmblood {paid}
20 NON for Identity in Evening {paid}
20 EXC for Dev in Jumpers {paid}

Message PixXy for training on long break. Take 5k off
Message [x] training {100k}

Training~3D 100kpts only || CLOSED
Horse not vet and shod? 200c extra!
One Pixel at a time.

Traing References:
espionage | Actually | Karrie | PixXy|

Graphics n such
Order {Here} | OPEN
Layout 10,000
Graphics 5,000c

Frustrateds School of Arts
Want to become a graphic student? Or become a teacher? Maybe you just want a free graphic or layout. If so, visit FSA

Player Points: 5565598
Coins: 23,704
Stable: Angel Peak Stables » {A.P.S}

Boarding Fee = 1000.00 Coins
- does offer public stable boarding for horses.
- does not offer public kennel boarding for dogs.

Number of servings in the feed bin: 2

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